About Us

Business Areas

Stormtec Co., Ltd. produces almost all water purifier components other than cases and filters, and is expanding its business by developing and supplying a variety of water-related products, including refrigerators, bidets, plant growers, and coffee machines.

Main products
  • Fitting Fitting

    Fittings are used as a connector that
    connects the pipes of a water purifier
    and drinking water dispenser,
    and also connects the water supply,
    drain, and filters.

  • Valve Valve

    Valves are the parts that prevent water leakage from drinking water dispensers and control the flow path. They are divided into solenoid valves that use electricity, and mechanically actuated powerless valves.

  • Tube & Accessories Tube & Accessories

    Tubes are semi-assembled products for the after-sales service system (replacement service for each module), and are provided as modules assembled in the form requested by the customer.

  • Safety Faucet Safety Faucet

    The safety cork is a device that dispenses purified water by operating a lever, and includes a general faucet for cold water and a safety faucet for hot water equipped with a safety function.